Wellness experiences in Piedmont

Wild Wellness

Wellness completely immersed in the Nature of Langa Astigiana

Discover the Wild Wellness Experience: the guided and ritualized Wellness path with sauna, whirlpool, biolake, and relaxation area totally immersed in the beauty of the natural garden of the Farm holiday Tenuta Antica.

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Wild Wellness Experience Paths

Wild Wellness Experience

A unique and magical opportunity for all those who love well-being: a basic 2-hour path that includes emotional rituals and holistic treatments to experience an extraordinary well-being journey.

€39.00 per person

Wild Wellness & Tasting Experience

A well-being experience different from the usual! In addition to the standard wellness path, you can enjoy a delicious AperiWild served in the garden, accompanied by a glass of wine and finger food.

€49.00 per person

Wild Wellness & Relax Experience

Wellness and Relaxation Path that includes a 30-minute massage at the end of the 2-hour basic path with holistic treatments and emotional rituals, for an unforgettable experience!

€79.00 per person

Exclusive Wild Wellness Experience

Exclusive and reserved well-being experience lasting 2 hours and includes emotional rituals and holistic treatments. Also, during this personalized experience, a drink will be offered in the hydromassage.

€79.00 per person - min. 2 people

Wild Wellness Party

Perfect well-being experience for special occasions. Experience an exclusive group experience with all the rituals included in the well-being path, and the chance to enjoy a bottle of bubbles in the hydromassage.

€59.00 per person - min. 6 people

The Path of Natural Wellness

The Wild Wellness Experience is the first Natural-Spa designed and planned to be fully experienced in the wild nature of Alta Langa: a sensory journey to discover the most important well-being cultures in history.

Do not hesitate to choose the path of well-being, as it leads to a perfect balance between mind, body, and spirit. Join us on this journey to health and happiness!

Wellness Activities

Discover the art of wellness through our carefully curated massages and treatments.

Relax, renew your body and mind, and find inner balance with the expert hands of our therapists. Your wellness is our priority.

Treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation with our massages and treatments. Book now for an extraordinary wellness experience.

Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils

Helps release stress and muscle tension and harnesses the multiple benefits of essential oils.

Starting from € 50.00

Decontracting Massage

Relaxes muscles and loosens painful and contracted areas, helps eliminate muscle spasms.

Starting from € 50.00

Draining Massage

Allows better circulation of blood, oxygen, fluids, and lymph; provides benefits to swollen areas and in case of water retention.

Starting from € 50.00

Hot Stone Massage

Through the use of heated stones, it helps melt muscle and joint tensions and stiffness, deeply relaxing.

Starting from € 50.00

Couples Hot Stone Massage

Share with your partner the deeply relaxing experience of the hot stone massage.

130,00 €

Tui Na Massage

Chinese medicine massage technique that works on the Energy Meridians and stimulates the body’s self-healing ability.

Starting from € 50.00

Sound Massage

Tibetan Bells placed on the body and played with various techniques help muscle and mental relaxation.

60,00 €

Couples Sound Massage

Magical experience to be done as a couple with Tibetan Bells placed on the body and played with various techniques for muscle and mental relaxation.

100,00 €

Sound Bath

Meditative, deeply relaxing, and energizing experience, through the use of various instruments (Tibetan Bells, Gong, cymbals,…)

20,00 €

Qi Gong

Relaxing and therapeutic gymnastics according to Chinese Medicine.

20,00 €

Guided Meditation

Guided relaxation to connect with the body and calm the mind.

15,00 €

Energetic Analysis

Energetic Analysis consultation according to Astrology and Chinese Medicine.

40,00 €

Holistic Nutrition

Personalized indications and advice on nutrition according to Chinese medicine.

40,00 €

Relax & Fun Stays

Stays and holidays in the Langhe, a unique territory in the world that offers breathtaking landscapes and an authentic experience immersed in nature.

No matter what your idea of the perfect vacation is, here you will find what suits you.

Contact us for more information and book your stay in the Langhe now, you won’t regret it!

Buy one of our Wellness stays now for a getaway from the hectic city life.

3-day Finland experience in Langhe

Spend a stay in the Langhe, enjoying the beauty of the territory and in complete relaxation thanks to a relaxing sauna!

358,00 € – 319,00 €

3-day relaxation in Langa

Spend a stay in the peace and greenery of our hills with the possibility of enjoying a relaxing massage.

418,00 € – 379,00 €

Wellness stay in Langhe

Experience a relaxing moment just a step away from heaven, enjoy a magical light and a healthy microclimate.

428,00 € – 369,00 €

Full Wild Wellness Experience Stay

A perfect way to disconnect from everyday life and relax completely in an idyllic setting.

703,00 € – 599,00 €

Wine & wellness stay

Feeling tired from everyday life? Disconnect and take a few days off to relax in the name of wellness!

573,00 € – 499,00 €

Fun & Relax Week in the Langhe

This holiday package is the ideal solution for those looking for a relaxing and fun experience in the Langhe.

1092,00 € – 929,00 €

Nature has never been so close

If you’re looking for a way to relax your mind and body, there’s nothing better than a Wellness path, where you can revitalize your senses and completely regenerate.

Our ritualized wellness paths are designed to provide you with a complete experience, engaging all your senses and bringing balance back into your life. You can choose from different solutions, each of which has been designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve optimal well-being.

Don’t miss the opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of absolute well-being.

Wellness and Nature

Thanks to the collaboration with AssoSauna, the first Italian Association of Sauna and Hamman Masters, we have chosen to embark on the path of Wellness Entertainment, an innovative proposal of ritualized Spa, in which every environment comes alive and is transformed into an exciting sensory journey.

Through rituals, ceremonies, and holistic treatments, you will experience a new way of living.

The Wild Wellness Experience is the first Natural-Spa designed and conceived to be fully experienced in the wild nature of Alta Langa.

"He who is not at peace with himself, will be at war with the entire world."

Mahatma Gandhi

Wellness Paths

Discover our wellness paths with herbal teas, massages, sauna, cryotherapy with shower or biolake, holistic rituals, whirlpool with panoramic view, and sound bath with Tibetan bells. A multisensory experience to relax and regenerate.

Activities for Wellness

Give yourself a moment of relaxation with a variety of massages and therapeutic treatments.
Take advantage of this opportunity to give your body and mind a touch of true wellness.

Wellness Stays

A vacation to relax surrounded by the Nature of the Langhe. In this environment of rural tranquility, you can spend relaxing stays away from stress and city chaos with the opportunity to be in contact with nature and take walks on foot or by bike through woods and hills.

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