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Hi, my name is Maria Pia and I love the world of Wellness!

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I live with my family in the beautiful Langhe region of Piedmont, where for over 20 years we have been dedicated to the world of wine and hospitality, realizing a dream that today is the Bio Agriturismo Tenuta Antica!

Here you can read our story

We dedicated the first years entirely to the renovation of the farmhouse and the production of our own organic wines and hazelnuts. Once the agritourism and the wine production were well underway, which has always given us a lot of satisfaction despite the many difficulties, I wondered what I could do to offer something unique and make our guests’ experience memorable.

The rooms are beautiful and spacious, we offer good cuisine in magnificent rooms with exposed stone, we propose vineyard walks with wine tastings. Everything was fine but… in my opinion, something was missing, a place that would attract people simply to relax and regenerate and activities to do on-site to spend leisure time.

Near the house, we had a large lawn, where our children used to run and play ball when they were little. But then they grew up, and this place was used less and less…

I hoped or deluded myself that it would be used by guests, but with an uninviting little staircase and the lack of shade, it was rarely frequented. I added some deck chairs and an umbrella, but nothing…

I realized it lacked a soul.

It would have been perfect to build the classic pool that tourists, especially foreigners, love so much, but this possibility never convinced me. It would have been just another agritourism with a pool that is only used for a few months a year…

In reality, I was looking for something different, a true experience that could help people feel good.

The turning point came in 2019 when I participated in a presentation on experiential and sustainable tourism organized by GAL Borba (Local Action Group) with the opportunity to present a network project to access funding from the Piedmont Region. The call for proposals collected all the ideas and intentions I had kept in the drawer for a long time.

I dove headfirst into developing the idea of creating a sensory garden with a bio-lake where we could offer wellness paths with sauna and wood-fired hot tubs and applied for the funding along with other companies in the area.

Incredible but true, the project was well received, and the funding was approved in December 2019.
I was over the moon and full of enthusiasm for this new phase of Tenuta Antica.
We started the work in January 2020 and ordered the sauna with the aim of being ready by early summer.
We reopened the agritourism on March 6th with all rooms fully booked until May.
Everything seemed to be going very well. I was extremely excited!
On the evening of March 7th, the unexpected happened… some guests asked to go home suddenly, all the others would leave in a hurry the morning of March 8th…. It was the beginning of the pandemic!
The following weeks were a continuous stream of cancellations of all reservations… the agritourism was empty and desolate.
Everything had stopped, and the rest is now known.

Finally, in the summer, the first lockdown ends, and with courage (perhaps more desperation), we try to reopen the agritourism, completing the bio-lake and installing the sauna and hot tub. Just in time because in October here comes the second lockdown. Again, we’re stopped! I don’t hide that I felt lost with almost certainty that I had made a mistake by insisting on the wellness project without having neither work nor financial resources… I wanted to sell everything instantly! It happens that just in those moments where you don’t know where to turn, something happens that restores your confidence and hope.

I randomly find the references of Antonio Novello from AssoSauna on the internet, who offers consultations for SPAs and wellness centers with their innovative Wellness Entertainment Method (WEM). I contact him. He comes to see me, and… he gives me the right boost to move forward again. So, I decide to rely on the WEM method with the aim of being ready in the summer of 2021.
We develop an emotional storytelling suitable for our path, all completely in a natural garden, immersed in nature, which is why we call it “Wild Wellness Experience”. As it’s a guided path, it was crucial for the success of the project to find the right person to be trained and become the Sauna Master and Aufguss of Tenuta Antica.

And one day, this person suddenly arrives… Francesca, who recently arrived in Bubbio, enters the agritourism one day to introduce herself as a Qi Gong teacher. I listen to her, look at her, and… I tell her about the project. Her eyes light up, and… from that moment on, a wonderful collaboration is born that has led us to have today the first guided and ritualized outdoor wellness path: the “Wild Wellness Experience”.

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Stress and tension can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. A ritualized and holistic wellness path can help alleviate stress and promote relaxation of body and mind.

With a combination of techniques such as meditation, massage, and music therapy, this path can lead to greater self-awareness and a state of total well-being.

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Who is Assosauna

Assosauna is the first Italian Association of Sauna and Hamman Masters. With their guidance, we have chosen to embark on the path of Wellness Entertainment, an innovative ritualized Spa proposal, in which each environment is animated, made alive, and transformed into an exciting sensory journey.

Through rituals, ceremonies, and various holistic treatments provided in Wellness Entertainment, guests are guided and pampered through sensory experiences that allow them to discover a new way of living wellness, engaging, conscious, and above all beneficial. This “guided” approach revolutionizes the traditional “self-service” approach and allows guests not to make mistakes that could compromise the effectiveness of the Spa and not to feel abandoned to themselves.

Through rituals, ceremonies and various holistic treatments provided in Wellness Entertainment, guests are guided and pampered through sensorial experiences that allow them to discover a new way of experiencing well-being, engaging, aware and above all beneficial. Thanks to the collaboration with AssoSauna we have chosen to take the path of Wellness Entertainment, an innovative ritualized Spa proposal, in which each environment is animated, brought to life and transformed into an exciting sensorial journey to discover the most important wellness cultures in history.

The Wild Wellness Experience is the first wellness path designed and planned to be experienced entirely in the wild nature of Alta Langa.



Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Qi Gong Teacher and Sauna and Hammam Teacher.
She performs acupressure treatments, aromatherapy, relaxing, draining, decontracting massages, and sound massages with Tibetan bells and Gong.
Nutrition consultations and coaching according to the principles and wisdom of Ancient Chinese Medicine.

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Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with a variety of massages and therapeutic treatments. Take advantage of this opportunity to give your body and mind a pampering of true wellness.

Wellness Stays

A vacation to relax surrounded by the Nature of the Langhe. In this environment of rural tranquility, you can spend relaxing stays away from stress and city chaos with the possibility of being in contact with nature and taking walks or bike rides through woods and hills.

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